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Linescale (in its physical form) was developed with the Harvard Business School for General Foods over 50 years ago.

The digital version was created in 2014 to enable marketers, product development managers, and researchers to turbocharge their insights and provide clear direction on what to do next.

Linescale was designed and developed specifically to:

Overcome limitations of traditional Likert scales

Provide scientific, predictive and actionable solutions. Before computers, Linescale was expensive but effective; computing power now makes Linescale a fraction of the cost and time of traditional tools.

Challenging times call for wide use of this superior technology. We’ve elected to create lower cost, high volume capability access to broaden awareness and use of Linescale Technology.

Linescale is now available DIY, semi-DIY or we’ll do it for you with customized studies and full advisory support and services.

You’ve likely never heard of Linescale because we chose to stay small and focus on referral clients interested in category innovation.

Answer the four Ws and single H with absolute certainty

Linescale enables you to identify the highest potential prospects and understand:

  • Who accepts or rejects what you are offering?
  • What is driving acceptors or rejectors?
  • What brands/products/behaviors will your offering displace?
  • How can you further enhance your idea to maximize acceptors?
  • What is optimum ROI pricing for Acceptors of concept? (Van Westendorp)
  • What messaging will motivate acceptors to action?

Because respondents set the benchmark of what they currently do, Linescale is effective for close-in innovation AND breakthrough, “doesn’t currently exist” ideas.

Linescale provides more robust insights at greater speed and lower cost.

You have to know where to find people that know where to find people. That's why we partner with the best in the business.

Cint helps agencies, brands, and researchers find the right audience for online surveys. We know that sourcing respondents, estimating costs, and predicting feasibility are complex. With access to the world’s largest consumer panel network, Cint can help you reach your desired demographics.

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